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Welcome to Amazing Science Online! This website is dedicated to providing science teachers with the best resources on the web. The website is divided into 3 sections – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – and each section contains the topic pages where resources are found, e.g. DNA, atoms, light. You can contribute your ideas and resources by clicking on Make a Suggestion. I hope you enjoy Amazing Science Online!

Earth Sciences
Immune System
Circulatory System
Earth SciencesCourtesy of NASA. "The Blue Marble".
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There are 5 types of resources on each topic page on the website:

  • Online Resources – links to the best science websites on the net
  • Real World – real life examples of the topics in science
  • Key Knowledge – the essential knowledge in science
  • Topic Ideas – good ideas on lessons and activities
  • Images – the best images and diagrams

Follow the links from the Main Menu to access the topic pages and resources. If you would like to know why I think each type of resource is important, visit the My Philosophy section.

I have always loved science and my goal is to make every topic in science interesting and relevant to students. If you discover or use any amazing science resources you would like to share, or have any ideas, suggestions or comments on the website, contact me. The more amazing resources we have, the better the education of our students.

I hope you enjoy Amazing Science Online!


Cheers, Rob